Over the last five decades, Outinord has been the innovator in bringing new, cost-effective building methods to solve the world’s housing needs. 

By introducing an industrialized, assembly-line technique tailored for the construction trade, builders and developers can save 10%-25% in cost and schedule.



Outinord Advantage
Formwork imposes an efficient and predictable daily construction cycle.
Systems technology facilitates the organization of work tasks and provides accurate scheduling of on-site operations.
Produces walls and openings that are dimensionally accurate.
High quality wall surfaces that require minimal patching or repairs.  The finish is so exceptional that the concrete can be painted on directly.
Compliance with most company or governmental safety requirements.
Outinord clients report formwork reuse of 1000 or more times.

With a production capacity of 2,000,000ft² per year (equivalent of 1,000 dwellings per day), the fully automated Outinord formwork factory is state-of-the-art and ISO 9001 quality compliant. High-grade steel is used to manufacture Outinord formworks to guarantee quality and performance.  Outinord provides fast-response production capability through an efficient international logistics system to expedite deliveries.


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